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Night Club

A club that is open from the evening until early morning, having facilities such as a bar and disco or other entertainment. A place of entertainment open at night usually serving food and liquor and providing music and space for dancing and often having a floor show. Now usually featuring loud amplified music for dancing. A dark enclosed space where men and women mingle and dance. Most encounters leading to sex during the same night. There is usually a bar where overpriced drinks can be purchased and music is played very loud through the night. A nightclub is generally distinguished from bars, pubs or taverns by the inclusion of a dance floor and a DJ booth, where a DJ plays recorded music. Many nightclubs choose who can enter on bases other than just age: dress code and guest list. That is used to make their status as a nightclub more "exclusive". In most cases, entering a nightclub requires a flat fee, called a cover charge. Many nightclubs enforce a dress code in order to ensure a certain type of clientele is in attendance at the venue. Most nightclubs employ teams of bouncers, who have the power to restrict entry to the club and remove people. Some bouncers use handheld metal detectors to prevent weapons being brought into clubs. Bouncers often eject patrons who bring party drugs into the venue. Bouncers count the number of people admitted to a club in order to prevent stampedes and fire code violations, and also enforce a club's dress code, frequently accepting bribes to let people jump the queue. Many clubs have balcony areas specifically for the security team to watch over the clubbers. 

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